Turtles at Baguan Island

Turtle Islands is a nesting area for green turtles. While I was there, 60-70 turtles crawled up the beach and laid eggs every night. I didn’t get much sleep and enjoyed every moment. World, you need to see this place!

-Carina Escudero

Muro Ami

Carina Escudero worked as Assistant Camera for Underwater Cinematographer Marissa Floirendo on this movie made way back in 1999.

Muro Ami still holds the record today for the Filipino movie with the most underwater scenes.


Saving a Brydes Whale

This whale would have been eaten… Call it luck, fate, whatever. That day we were traveling from Donsol, Sorsogon to Monreal, Masbate on an invite from the Mayor. I got a phone call in the middle of Ticao pass to go save a whale that got entangled in a fishing net. It was tired and in pain I think, from struggling to get free. It maybe knew we were helping it because it stayed still until it was cut free. A good thing because its tail could have easily whacked us to kingdom come. All I had with me that day was my point and shoot 10 megapixel Sony camera.

-Carina Escudero


Feeding Giants: The Tuki Chronicles

Carina Escudero has had a relationship with the whalesharks in the Philippines for over 10 years. Naturally, she was one of the first on the scene when fishermen in the small town of Oslob started feeding the whalesharks there to keep them around for tourism. This documentary series is a product of Carina’s hard work, along with her close friend Mari, editor Martin Aviles, and other like-minded people.

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Kompresor is a mystery-thriller slated to start production in the summer of 2013. Brownsugar Productions is looking for co-producers for this mostly-underwater film. Here’s a spec trailer with some footage from Underwater Cinematographer Carina Escudero:

Kompresor Trailer

Feeding Giants: The Tuki Chronicles

Underwater Cinematographer Carina Escudero was instrumental in saving the whalesharks of Donsol, Sorsogon from certain death. More than 10 years later, Donsol is now teeming with tourists, and though at times a little overcrowded, her primary goal has been reached: to save the butanding from slaughter, and to give the locals of Donsol a reason to protect these gentle giants.

Now, a new town has discovered that they can make money from whaleshark tourism. Carina, along with conservation group Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, has been shuttling back and forth between Manila and the once sleepy town of Oslob in Cebu City to shoot this town and its tuki as they learn the steps of becoming an eco-friendly tourist destination. Check out the Tuki Chronicles page here.

Here’s the first episode from their endeavors: